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airbornevetswife101 started this conversation

Goodness, this is so hard. This is such an awesome site, and so many great people helping each other on so many ways..I really have a long story and I truly am not trying to whine, really but oh my Lord times are tough. O.k. I'll just jump right into it so here goes...:)

Married to a U.S. Army Veteran for almost 15 years, (my junior high sweetheart)..Two bright, wonderful, sweet children directly from God. They are 14 and 11. My husband got out of the Army in '97 and went directly to work in the field he is still in today. In 2005 Katrina hit us, and right after that he was laid off from the company he had been with since he got out of the army. The company was forced to close due to too much loss as a result from dear Ms. Katrina. Luckily at the time we had a little savings, but that went so quickly. Family helped as much as they could and he finally was able to get on with a new company doing the same job in 2006, we doggy paddled trying to get out from under the mountain that formed amazingly fast and things were starting to look alot brighter for us by 2007. During this time we were living with his parents, and finally got back into a home of our own in March of '07. Things went smoothly for a little while until a new corporation took over the one he was working under...there were alot of adjustments to make and work slowed down to a snails pace. Our family motto is "Through God all things are possible" and "And this too shall pass". We believe these things like nothing else. In January of this year his company just pulled out without any warning, their home office is in another state and there is no phone number or address in which to find these people. There was no last paycheck, no severance "sorry, tough luck"..nothing..It is amazing how cruel life works sometimes, but we keep fighting the good fight..but we are losing fast. The landlord served a 3 day eviction notice today, I had been able to scrape up the rent for February, but didn't pay until Feb. 28th. We are now late,late, late for March ($600.00)..and going into April :( Another (600.00)....Utilities (500.00)

Total:$1700.00 that hurts just to type that

Now for the second part of our story..On March 5th, my husband had been out job hunting and was on his way home..well about 6 miles from home he ran out of gas on the side of the road. This was at about 7 p.m. He walked part of the way and then a great samaritan stopped and picked him up and brought him home. We thought we would just hop into my car and go right back to pick up the we go...the battery in my car was battery charger and none of the neighbors was available to jump us off. So my husband..bless his 1 a.m. he took off on our son's bike with the gas can in a plastic shopping bag slung over the handle bars.. Rode the 6 miles back to where the truck was and no truck was there..he had left his hazard lights on...left his strobe lights on...put out safety cones ALL around the was gone! So he rode the bike all the way back home, it is roughly 2:30 a.m. by now. We call the Sherriff's Department "Yessir we had it towed due to the fact that it was obstructing traffic"...just great...all of his tools, equipment..his entire livelyhood is on that we call towing company...($120.00 towing fee + $25/day storage). "Can we at least get his work equipment off the truck, so that he may work to pay to get the truck out of storage"???????? "No ma'am, not until you pay all the fees".......By the time we got any amount of money the fees has accumulated so much that we cannot even touch what they want now, which is over $600.00..they are selling his truck April 25th...I guess right along with everything he needs to work.......My grandmother always said "when it rains it pours" I never knew quite what she meant until now. So we keep chugging along, just trying to make lemonade out of all these lemons, but I am so tired. We are both looking for work continuously. The bright side of all this, my babies are still smiling and holding their heads up...God is awesome! I am hoping that someone...somewhere may be able to help us, while we are trying to help ourselves..I have always believed in "doing my good deed for the day", because it always comes back around... be it in a special prayer from someone..a chuckle...a hug..a hand up??? Please if anyone can find it in their hearts to help, I will find any possible way to "pay it forward".

God Bless

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I can relate totally. I will pray for your family. What I wrote in my blog is just a tiny sample of what my children and I have made it through. You sound like you have not given up and that is good. I have nothing to help you with but a pray. But never underestimate the power of prayer.  May God bless your family.

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You and your husband sound like incredible people. As I am in a hole like you (getting deeper by the day)... I will pray for you. We will survive this. One way or the other.


bless you,


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I want to write my thoughts just have very limited time so i will log on later. God Bless your family.

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